Looking for a Barn Cat?

The working cat adoption program aims to find adopters who are looking for natural rodent deterrents for enclosed properties such as barns, warehouses, churches, or other facilities. This program is for specific cats from the Animal Welfare League shelter who are not suitable for a family living.

Why Adopt a Working Cat?

They deserve a chance at life. Since these cats cannot be indoor pets and cannot be returned to the outdoor homes that they are familiar with (which is always preferable), being adopted out as working cats is their best option. By adopting working cats, you are saving their lives.


• Provides natural pest control
• Vaccinated and spayed/neutered
• No adoption fee
• Frequently adopted in pairs to keep each other company
• Provides previously homeless animals with a safe place to live


• Adopters must provide food, water, and any necessary veterinary care.
• Adopters will need to keep the cat contained for three to four weeks for the cats to acclimate to the new space.

Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County provides adopters with complete instructions on how to transition cats to their new environments, as well as crates for travel and acclimation.

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