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Please submit a volunteer application below. This will be reviewed by our Volunteer Manager and you will be notified of any appropriate volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer at the Animal Welfare League

We have a VOLUNTEER TEAM of dedicated individuals who help support our staff to care for homeless pets and achieve our mission, and we are always looking for new and enthusiastic people to join our current team. We offer orientations and training sessions throughout the year.

Where do I start?

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to sign up and attend a group orientation. These orientations take place at the Animal Welfare League every second and fourth Saturday of the month starting at 10:00 am and last about 60 minutes for the first session and an additional 60 minutes for the dog walker training that follows at 11:00am. If you do not wish to be involved with dog walking, you may leave after the first session.

At the orientation, you’ll meet our Volunteer Program Manager and some of our current experienced volunteers. You will get a brief overview of our history, services, current life-saving goals and how the volunteer program helps us achieve our mission. We will also explain the various positions available where we may be able to utilize your skills and talents.

Age Requirements

16 & Under – Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
17 & Up – We have a number of volunteer roles for adults who would like to support our team! AWL does not have an upper age limit for being a volunteer.



Volunteer Program Manager

Gail J Dugas
Phone: 941-625-6720 Ext. 106
Email: volunteers@awlshelter.org


Volunteer Opportunities

The dogs need to go out first thing in the morning and again just before closing.  They appreciate a walk and a game of fetch any time of the day.

Spending time with animals to enrich their lives

Numerous orphaned babies and mothers with nursing pups and kittens arrive at the shelter. Often injured, weak, ill, or frightened, these animals need gentle attention and love in the quiet comfort of a foster family’s home until they are ready to return to the shelter for adoption.

Freshly cleaned beds, blankets, towels, and more are needed each day.

Exercise your green thumb in our beautiful gardens.

Volunteers are needed to commit in the event of a hurricane evacuation to foster an animal for up to seven days.

Assist with mass mailings, collate information packets, data entry, answer phones, update mailing lists, etc.

Opportunities to numerous to list. Check our EVENT CALENDAR

Take our animals to meet the public at outside events.

All proceeds from our booth at Sun Flea Market go to support the shelter animals.

Pick up or deliver animals to/from AWL

Assist medical team as needed

Cleaning and refreshing food and other at various locations