Special Stories

Sweet Sissy’s Story

When Sissy was surrendered to to us the first thing our staff noticed was how unbelievably cute and sweet this six year old little girl was. Who could resist those big brown eyes! However, after careful observation they realized that despite Sissy’s happy demeanor there was something terribly wrong. Sissy was having trouble urinating and was become increasingly lethargic. Intake asked our shelter vet, Dr. Tulcan to check her out. An X-ray indicated bladder stones. The next morning Dr. Tulcan operated removing two one inch stones. Sissy only weighs seven pounds, can you imagine how small her bladder is and how much pain she was in?

After surgery, Sissy went to a foster home to recuperate. Last Saturday after a successful recovery, Sissy was back at the shelter and ready for adoption. As luck would have it after only two hours on the shelter floor, a lovely lady named Nancy and her family came in looking for a small dog to adopt – it was love at first sight! We think Nancy and Sissy are going to be best of friends!