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Scooter Gets His Happily Ever After

By May 27, 2016 June 5th, 2017 No Comments

IMG952016041595151849495rewind (1)Scooter was hungry, dehydrated and had a severely infected front leg.  His future looked grim.   He was picked up by Animal Control and delivered to the Animal Welfare League on a weekend.  A decision had to be made based on his condition, his pain, and his quality of life should he survive.  He couldn’t be evaluated until Monday so the Animal Control officer took him to the emergency veterinary clinic where he was given fluids, antibiotics, and pain medication.

The following Monday he was taken Punta Gorda Animal Hospital to see Dr. Winter.  The prognosis wasn’t good.  He would need pain medication for the rest of his life or the leg would have to be removed.  AWL and the Animal Control officer made the joint decision to have the leg removed.  Then they set about contacting rescues and animal lovers willing to help with the expenses.

Scooter had the surgery and was sent to a foster home to recover.  The stars aligned and he met his forever family while in foster care.  The following is an update from Scooter’s new family:

IMG_20160527_1406440_rewind“Last year one of our two cats, Flan, passed away after spending 15 wonderful years with us.  We had adopted her as a stray living under a bush in our back yard in Missouri.  We moved her and our other cat, Tabby, to Florida in 2003.  Tabby passed away at nineteen years old in 2006 and shortly after that a friend of ours gave us a very tiny kitten to raise and love.  I was reading Oliver Twist at the time so I christened our little guy Oliver.  He and Flan became close companions and shared our home and lanai until Flan passed away last year.  Oliver went into quite a depression as he mourned his companion.  My husband and I wavered for a long time trying to decide if we should get a new companion for him.  We were worried about introducing a full grown cat into the house since Oliver is a rather dominant, large male cat.  One day, while our mental debate continued, a friend showed me a picture of a cat she was fostering for the Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County.  He had to have his right leg amputated and she was taking care of him in her home until the stitches came out and he would be ready for adoption.  I sent the picture to my husband and then headed home.  By the time I got home 20 minutes later my husband had fallen in love with the cat’s picture and told me he thought we should adopt him.  We went over to meet him and arranged to foster him in our home for a while family1cropto see how everything would work.  Within 36 hours the two boys were getting along just fine.  We monitored everything very closely for a few more days as our newly christened Scooter adjusted to our home, my husband and me, and his new brother Ollie.  Exactly one week later we permanently adopted Scooter into the family.

The two boys are best buddies at this point.  When they are apart they look for each other.  When Scooter had difficulties covering his poopers in the litter box at first, Ollie covered them for him.  When Scooter wants to eat out of Ollie’s bowl for a change, Ollie steps back and lets him eat.  When Scooter had to go to the vet last week, Ollie hid under a chair until he came home.  The only ones who love Scooter more that Ollie are my husband and myself.  He is the sweetest, gentlest companion that I can imagine.  He is giving all of us so much pleasure that it’s hard to remember our life before he came to live with us.  He’s been through so much in his life that we can only try to make every day from now on as wonderful for him as he will make them for us.