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Senior Shelter Dog Helps Boy With Rare Disease

By January 31, 2016 July 24th, 2018 No Comments

By Susan Berking, Reiki
Master Animal Welfare League Volunteer

“The General”, the oldest dog at the shelter had been there for almost a full year.  A very lovable and kind dog, G.P. , as he was nicknamed  had over time developed high anxiety and frustration living under the stress of shelter life.  This caused him to be continually overlooked by prospective families.

G.P. began receiving regular Reiki treatments from volunteer Reiki Master, Susan Berking.  He eventually became more relaxed and able to show his true nature.  Just before Christmas The General received his miracle.  He was adopted by a large,loving family for their son Cameron.   Cameron suffers from a rare disease called Auto Immune Encephalitis for which, as yet, there is no cure.

The family was seeking a dog who would be a loyal companion for Cameron and help him cope with the stress of his very difficult condition.  When Cameron’s mother came to the Animal Welfare League to look at the dogs, G.P. wasn’t in his kennel because he was in the middle of receiving his Reiki treatment.  When she explained the type of dog she was looking for, James Carrano, an experienced staff member, knew just the dog for the job.  He rushed to interrupt the Reiki session so that G.P. could meet the family. There was an immediate bond between the family and The General, especially with Cameron.

Susan Berking, Cameron, James Carrano, The GeneralJust two days after G.P. went home, Cameron’s mother reported that he had adjusted to his new home immediately, as if he had always been there. G.P. has developed an extremely close bond with Cameron.  He is able to sense when he needs comforting, gently putting his paws on him creating an instant calming effect.  “It’s as if he’s doing Reiki on him!  He is truly a blessing for all of us.”

The “Make A Wish” Foundation has granted Cameron and his family a trip to Hawaii in the near future.  If all goes as planned, The General will be in the airplane seat right next to Cameron.

This once lonely shelter dog has found his purpose at Cameron’s side providing the comfort and reassurance that the boy so desperately needs.