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Do You Believe in Angels?

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Twelve-year-old Sami was born at the Animal Welfare League and quickly adopted. She lived a very happy life until her owner passed away and she was returned to the shelter.  Sami was clearly grieving the loss of her long-time friend and was very uneasy with all the noise and chaos that is the shelter.  Luckily, she was only with us for two days when Barbara spotted her.

Jennifer (2)

Jennifer with Barbara and her new fur-sibs

Sami had several good months with Barbara, her two small dogs, and frequent visits from the grandkids.  She passed away peacefully under her favorite palm tree with Barbara and the kids petting her and telling her how much she was loved.



Fast forward four months.  13-year-old Jennifer’s path back to the shelter was full of ups and downs.  She was adopted several years ago as a young pup.  Many years later she was removed from the home by Animal Control as part of a hoarding case.  She was readopted shortly after and was in that home for several more years until her owner decided he didn’t have time for her.

Was it luck, fate, or angels that brought Barbara into the shelter to make a donation that day?  While chatting with another volunteer about Sami, she learned about Jennifer.  JenniferBarbara hurried home to pick up her two dogs for a meet & greet with Jennifer.  Everyone got along great and, at last, Jennifer has found her true forever home.

Thank you Barbara.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month but you don’t have to wait.  Dust off your wings and see who’s waiting for you at the Animal Welfare League.