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Adopting a “Rock Star”

By September 6, 2015 June 5th, 2017 No Comments

Animal Welfare League Angus 1In an apartment building in Queens, N.Y.  Judie Moffa was searching the Animal Welfare League website looking for a dog.  It had been a long time since she and husband Joe had been able to enjoy the companionship of a furry best friend.   Apartment living, long hours at work……  But Judie had recently retired and Joe was negotiating with his company to work from home…..in Florida!  Like many people who move to our state, they wanted to be near friends and family and so already knew that they would be moving to the Punta Gorda area.

Angus had been a guest of the shelter for a very long time when Judie saw his feature profile on the website.  Here was a great dog who, through a series bad breaks, couldn’t seem to find that family who could promise him forever.  His story spoke to Judie and she and Joe decided  if Angus was still at the shelter after their move, they needed to go get him.

Angus6Back in Florida, Angus was gaining a fan base.  Friendly and well  behaved, volunteers loved taking
him to events where he served as an ambassador for other dogs at the shelter.

The Moffas continued to keep an eye on Angus by frequently checking the website.  When the move was complete and the boxes unpacked they decided it was time.

“I was completely floored when we walked into the shelter,” Judie said. “Some of the shelters we’ve been in are just awfull.  This place is beautiful and the kennels are huge and clean.”  “Space is at a premium in the city,” Joe explains, “and not just for people.”

“When we walked into the kennel area all of the dogs started barking.  But I looked down to the very end and I saw a pair of black ears sticking up.” Judie said.  “It was Angus and he wasn’t making a sound.  Kennel Tech, Samantha, leashed him up and we went outside.  We spent quite a bit of time with him and just fell in love. But I was skeptical.  He seemed like such a nice dog so why had he been at the shelter for such a long time?  Sam assured me that there was nothing wrong with Angus.  Then she asked if we would like to see some other dogs.  When we said we would take Angus, Sam started to cry.”

Angus4Angus has finally found his “happily ever after” and spends his day napping, charming the neighbors on his walks, visiting friends at the dog park and even has his own sofa for watching TV at night with the family.

Angus is well known in the doggie community.  “It’s like being the parents of a rock star,”  Joe laughs.  “Everywhere we take him, people call him by name and make a fuss over him.”

“He has an uncanny knack for knowing when you put on your sneakers,” Joe says.  “I get up early, make coffee, go out to get the paper in the driveway and Angus just sleeps through it.  But the instant I pick up my sneakers in another room, Angus is right there and ready for his morning walk.”

“He’s totally ruined us for any other dog,” Judie said.  “We can’t imagine our life without him.” “We recently went to Disney World and on the last day we checked out at 6:15 am so that we could get back to him.” Joe adds.  “He totally owns us.”