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A Girl Named Smitty

By July 25, 2015 June 5th, 2017 No Comments

1350-14SmittyHow does a pretty female cat end up with a name like Smitty?  Not so strange if you know that 80% of all orange cats are males.  An orange female, while hardly rare, is still unusual.

Smitty came to Animal Welfare League after her owner, who was 91, passed away.  Accustomed to a quiet environment, she didn’t take well to the noise and activity of the shelter.  To hide her fear, she hissed and nipped at anyone who came near; not the best policy when looking for a new home and someone to love you.

Gloria Smith was looking on the shelter’s web site for more information about a kitten she had seen at Pet Smart.  She happened to see a feature story about Smitty and, according to Gloria, “It spoke to my heart.”  She told her husband Larry, “She is meant to be our cat.”

smitty1Larry, didn’t appear to be convinced but the very next time they drove by the road to the shelter, the car somehow turned in.

Smitty seemed to know that the Smiths were her ticket and set out to win their hearts.   “She is so affectionate, she just takes my breath away,” says Gloria.  “She wants to be loved”.

After some initial time hanging out in the covered litter box in the Smith’s laundry room, Smitty quickly adjusted to her new home, exploring it thoroughly, and even spending the first night at the end of their bed.  She often rolls on her back, displaying her belly to the Smiths for a scratch; a sure sign that she feels safe and loved.

smitty2Smitty loves both of the Smiths equally and wears herself out going back and forth, from room to room, keeping an eye on the two of them.  “We are having the best time with her,” says Gloria.

About that name:  Gloria liked Smitty’s name but Larry thought it should be changed to something that fits her better.  Pixie is the new name chosen by their grandchildren, Avery and Lindsey.

A new name, a new home, and a brand new life are more than this lucky girl could have imagined that first terrifying day at the shelter.