Be a Rescue Warrior

Special pets are among the hardest for rescue shelters to place. Many remain in the animal shelter for months, sometimes even more than a year, always overlooked because of the perceived extra work or cost involved. A special pet does not necessarily mean the animal has a physical disability. It can be a hard-to-place animal, long-term residents who are passed by over and over again, or senior pets. Most often, the extra “cost” of adopting one of these amazing animals is negligible. Many of them need a chance to live a comfortable life in a forever home for their genuine, lovable personalities to shine.

Be a Rescue Warrior for our special residents! Whether it’s by giving one a forever home, or sharing their stories with your family, friends, and social media, or BOTH! Stop by Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County to say hello to our special friends. Look for the I Need A Rescue Warrior tags.

Save our Seniors (S.O.S.)

Senior Pets also need Rescue Warriors! While adoption is our goal for every cat and dog, special and senior pets have been the most difficult to place. Medical issues or age make them less attractive to potential adopters. The need to find homes for these pets in loving environments gave rise to the creation of the Save Our Seniors (SOS) program.

Although they may sometimes seem less energetic or eager to meet people, senior pets need a home just as badly as younger animals — maybe even more. The good news? For many people seeking companionship, an older pet may be a great fit.

At the Animal Welfare League, every animal seven years or older is considered senior, and we have a special adoption fee for them. Save our Seniors!

Sleepover Program

The Sleepover Program was developed to allow potential adopters to help determine whether a particular animal is a good match for their household, lifestyle, and family. Special Pets in need of a Rescue Warrior can be approved to participate in a sleepover for the weekend! There is a $50 fully-refundable deposit for the animal. You can keep the animal through the weekend and up to Tuesday, or return them any day before then during operating hours if it is not a good match.

Friends like ME!

This program focus on matching special pets with special humans! For example, a diabetic pet would be a purrfect companion for someone with diabetes.