Stacey Mininsohn

Stacey is the Director of Criminal Court Services, for the Charlotte County Clerk of Court and County Comptroller. There, on behalf of the Clerk,  she oversees daily partnering with Judges, Court Administration personnel, the Sheriff’s office and other law enforcement agencies, the States Attorney, defense attorneys, and the Probation Department, in service to the public. 

Stacey is a  graduate of the University of South Florida, and Saint Peters College, holding degrees in Criminology, and Banking & Finance. A Member of the Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers Assessment and Collections Advisory Board, and a Certified Florida Records Manager, Stacey has also participated in the Academy of Leadership Excellence, and has expertise in Court case management systems.

Stacey and her husband of 25 years raised their two “kids” in Southwest Florida — their daughter is a Fundraising Director in Washington, D.C., and their son is a student at Cornell University. Two other family members are rescue dogs Henry and Lola.

Stacey has experienced great fulfillment and joy in helping to lead a number of projects with the Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County, including
fundraising events, Roger’s Rescue and the kitten shower.