Nanette Leonard

Nanette Leonard’s career has spanned over 40 years in the entertainment industry as a PR/Marketing professional, a personal Press Agent and producer. She has worked on many feature films and Academy Award winners including “Cabaret,” “The Man Who would be King,” Raging Bull,” among many others. She launched Whoopi Goldberg’s career in 1984 and represented her during her early years on Broadway and in movies.  Nanette also represented/worked with other well-known celebrities including Dolly Parton, Gregory Peck, Sean Connery, Michael Cain, and  four Tony Award winning actors just to name a few. She co-founded the Lyons/Sambora Charity series, a nonprofit that raised money for disabled children’s sports programs.

Nanette opened her own Public Relations Agency in New Jersey in 1992 and brought it to SW Florida when she moved here in 2012 and is retained by local businesses and nonprofits. In 2015 she founded The Fresh Jersey Tomatoes (FJT’s), a group of women who originally hailed from NJ and now live in Florida. The FJT’s give back to their community in numerous ways. They started with 10 women and now have over 230 members. Nanette, serving as Executive Producer, started the Punta Gorda Film Festival in 2015. This event has sold out every year. 

In 2013, Nanette was asked to serve on the Board of Directors for the Animal Welfare League.  Said Nanette,”It is a privilege to be affiliated with this Board and this organization and to be able to speak for these animals who do not have a voice.”