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Paws Up to Pit Bulls

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Misconceptions Surround This Special Breed

download (1)Pit Bulls may be the most mysterious dogs in America – loved by their owners, feared by others and sensationalized by the media. In recent years highly publicized cases of Pit Bull fighting rings has led to numerous misconceptions about these breeds.

 The Pit Bull is usually referred to as a specific breed. In fact they make up a group of several different breeds of dog. Most notably the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Bull Terrier. All of these breeds share similar build, coloring and temperament. Speaking of temperament, many people believe that Pit Bulls are likely to show human aggression. Fact is this breed was originally bred to show no aggression towards any human, especially their owners. Properly trained and socialized Pit Bulls are no more likely to be aggressive than golden retrievers, beagles,Chihuahuas or any other popular dogs! Like any breed, Pit Bulls reflect the responsible care that their owners have invested in them. Pit Bulls, just like any other dog will have acquired a healthy stable temperament if treated properly by their owners. Improper handling, abuse and neglect have a negative effect on any animal.

80c0e761a5e6c2f4d4a8d28d52419d11Some people also believe a Pit Bull lacks the intelligence of other large breeds such as Labradors. Pit Bulls are actually quite easy to train. Their willingness to learn and desire to please their owners makes it easy for them to pick up even the most advanced tricks rather quickly. This breed is also great climbers – many can actually climb trees! They all love puzzle toys and enjoy hide and go seek games. So, if you are thinking of adding a new, furry member to your family…never rule out the smart, loyal, beautiful Pit Bull.

“Paws Up to Pit Bulls”

Sharon Thomas
Executive Director
Animal Welfare League