Bring them home

One of the most effective means of protecting your dog or cat from being lost or stolen is microchipping them.  The American Humane Society estimates over 10 million dogs or cats are reported lost each year. Unfortunately, a large percentage of those lost pets are never returned to their owner. There could be a number of reasons for the failure to reunite, but top of the list is the inability to identify and contact the owner.

Benefits of Microchipping:

  • Collars can easily break, fall off, or even the name or phone number can wearoff of the tag over time.
  • A chip greatly increases the likelihood that your pet will be returned to you if they are lost.
  • If your dog or cat is lost or stolen, the chip and it’s registration is definitive proof of ownership.
  • Finally, microchips last a lifetime. Once implanted, you don’t have to worry about them, although it is a good idea to have your vet scan your pet each year to guard against any malfunction.

Animal Welfare League Microchip Clinic

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DNA Breed Testing

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