Hope For Victoree – Part 3

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Victoree15THE ANSWER:  Brindle with white trim
THE QUESTION:  What color is Victoree’s fur?

When Victoree came to the Animal Welfare League in January she had no fur and was covered in painful sores due to a severe case of demodectic mange.

She was first fostered by an AWL staff member who lavished her with love, attention, good food, and medication for her condition.  But Victoree had to find a new home when her foster mom (FM) had to care for a sick family member.  Laura, another staff member, and her husband Bob stepped up to continue Victoree’s care.  New foster parents (NFP) Laura and Bob have been fostering, both here and in New England, since 1988.  Along the way there have been a few “foster failures” who became permanent members of their family.  Victoree loves company and was tickled to be in a home with two greyhounds, a hound/lab mix and a foster puppy named Pebbles.  In fact, Victoree thinks she’s Pebbles’ mama and keeps a close eye on interactions between the puppy and the other fur-residents.

_DSC1028 -1Victoree’s condition continues to improve.  The mange is almost gone and she is scheduled to see her favorite Doctors, Kingsburry and Winter, at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital,  in another week to be sure she is on track.  She continues to heal and to grow new fur which stands straight up until it gets long enough to lay down.  We think it looks like a wild boar but, of course, we don’t say that in front of her!

Bob and Laura are very impressed with Victoree’s behavior.  She knows “sit” and gives “high fives” and when it’s time to go into her kennel, all they have to do is ask.  She’s great about her three-times-per week medicated baths.  She trots into the shower to get soaped up and then stands patiently for 10 minute while the medication does it’s work.  Opening doors is another of her special “talents”; inside doors, outside doors, and if she can’t get the car door open using the handle, she knows to use the button!  Now where did she learn that?

Victoree is well on her way to health and soon will be looking for her forever home.  We’ll keep you posted.

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