Hope for Victoree Part 2

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2016011095105810Victoree was surrendered to the Animal Welfare League with a severe case of demodectic mange.  An animal’s immune system is so weakened and their skin condition so severe that, if left untreated, they will die of secondary infections.  Click here to read Part 1 of Victoree’s story.

Fostering a dog with severe demodectic mange is not for the faint of heart.  Lucky for Victoree this wasn’t her foster mom’s (FM) first rodeo.

Victoree’s  skin condition was too severe for the usual lime sulpher “dip” treatments so the doctors at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital recommended a monthly chewable tablet (Nexgard) that was less traumatic with few, if any, side effects.  In addition to medicated baths every other day, Victoree is taking a fish oil supplement and eats Natures Balance Fish & Sweet Potato kibble which we have found to be the best food for skin and allergy issues.

Get this thing OFF me!

This sweet girl has the best attitude and her spirit remains strong even though her recovery is slow and uncomfortable.  The hardest thing for Victoree is being confined to the utility room where it’s easier to clean up after her as she slowly heals and sheds hair and skin.  No match for Victoree’s soft whimper and sad eyes, her FM spends a lot of time sitting with her and trying to find an unaffected area of her belly to rub.

What are you in for?

FM was very happy to learn that Victoree is house trained!  Because she has no fur she has to wear a sweater to go outside on those nippy mornings.  FM thinks she is embarrassed by the sweater. She hugs the perimeter of the house, does her “business” as soon as possible and runs back inside.   “Did anyone see me outside in that ugly sweater?”

While Victoree is shedding old hair and skin, sparse, new hair is growing in.  It stands straight up and we’re still not sure what color she will be. Blue, black, brindle?

Everyone made a big fuss over her when Victoree stopped by the shelter to visit.   She’s come a long way and is feeling much better.   You can follow Victoree’s progress at

Napping with her favorite toy