The Animal Welfare League is proud of the numerous community-based programs that we offer to people of all ages. Many of these programs teach the importance of responsible pet ownership and encourage everyone to make the world a more humane environment for all living creatures. Others enrich our bond with this great community. Together, we touch each other’s lives in a significant way which in turn touches the lives of all our homeless animals. Thank you, Charlotte County and beyond, for supporting our shelter.


Humane Education

Reaches out to community youth to teach proper pet care respect for all living creatures.  The shelter will host your group with a fun and informative classroom program followed by a tour of the shelter to meet the animals.


Classroom Critters

Observing and caring for an animal instills a sense of responsibility and respect for life.  Kids learn that all living things need more than just food and water for survival.

pet therapyPet Therapy Visits

Pet Therapy  visits to  nursing homes and assisted living facilities give seniors the opportunity to reminisce about the pets they loved and cared for in years past, while nuzzling furry faces and stroking soft ears.  AWL volunteers are currently visiting eight facilities with  requests from several more.



AWL has several Internship positions available. These unpaid positions last one semester and we will work around your school schedule.  On completion of the internship, you will be given a letter of recommendation commensurate with your attendance and  performance.


Seniors for Seniors

Our Seniors for Seniors program matches older pets with people over the age of 62 for a reduced adoption fee and a lifelong bond.

pet partnership

We Care Program

The Animal Welfare League believes that opening your heart and your home to an animal is a life-time commitment.  We also know that sometimes it seems as though surrendering the pet is the only option.  We want to help

fosterKittensFoster Friends

This is a vital program that truly saves lives. You can foster a mom and her litter until they are old enough for vaccines and altering. You can also foster an animal who needs some quiet time after surgery or treatment.

GeriatricdogTreasured Pets

This program initiated for 2016 is designed to help geriatric pets or those with chronic medical conditions such as thyroid issues, diabetes and severe allergies find responsible, loving homes.  Adoption fees are waived for pets in this special program.  Adopters are screened carefully to ensure their level of commitment, compassion and their total understanding of the  animals medical needs.  Any animal in this program with severe allergies that require special food will have the food supplied by the AWL for six months.  After that time, additional arrangements can be made for low-cost food.  The Animal Welfare League will remain in close contact with the adopter and their Veterinarian for periodic updates.