About the Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County

We are an award-winning, 501(c)3 non-profit organization fully devoted to the wellbeing of homeless pets. What truly separates the AWL, is we promise that any animal that enters our doors and any animal that can be made adoptable through veterinary care and/or training will have a roof over their head, food, enrichment, and the love of our staff and volunteers for as long as it takes for each and every one to find their new home.

Our Mission

Advocate animal protection and welfare.

Our Vision
Achieve a community void of homeless animals.

To achieve our vision and accomplish our mission, our goals are:

  • Protect, care for, and nurture homeless and abused animals
  • Help eradicate the need for euthanasia of adoptable dogs and cats
  • Promote responsible pet ownership
  • Support legislation and regulatory changes that benefit animals
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Our History

Board of Directors

Vice President

Corresponding Secretary



Sherri Dennis


Lisa Voss

Volunteer Manager

Trudy Hewitt

Finances Manager

Dayna Shae

Intake Supervisor

Andrew Nelson


Natalie Tottingham


Dawn Fitzner


Jeffrey Bossert

Dog Adoption Counselor

Diana Mitchell


Taylor Lamar

Veterinary Technician

Lisa Wagner

Programs Manager

Alexis Berg

Foster Coordinator

Melinda Lincoln


Monica Moloughney

Cat Adoption Counselor

James Carrano

Dog Adoption Counselor

Christy Field, DVM


Samantha Cross

Veterinary Technician

Marco Assis

Marketing Manager

Bill Healy

Facility Manager

Aubrey Zentgraf


Kaley Iwanski


Patty Cook


Gwen Farris

Cat Adoption Counselor