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Tour Our Adoption Center

  • Welcome

    Welcome! The Animal Welfare League is located on Drance Street in Port Charlotte, FL, just off of Harborview Road.

  • Adoption Center

    We broke ground for our Adoption Center in 2005. The building was completed in the Spring of 2008.

  • Front Desk

    The front desk of our lobby is the center of all activity. The friendly staff will answer phone calls and assist customers all day long.

  • Educational and Conference Center

    Our Conference and Educational Center serves as the gathering place for a variety of activities and meetings throughout the year.

  • Gift Shop

    We have many items for sale in our Gift Shop, all at prices that can't be beat! We have many accessories for newly adopted pets.

  • Cattery Rooms

    We have two Cattery Rooms each with 16 Cat Suites and 2 Kitten Condos. Each cat suite has a bedroom and separate litter box room.

  • Cat Colony Room

    Our Adoption Center features two Cat Colony Rooms where felines are free to play, mingle, and meet new friends.

  • Cat Colony Room 2

    Each Cat Colony Room can house numerous cats. Cats are chosen carefully to ensure a safe environment where everyone gets along.

  • Cat Walkways

    Walkways connect each Cat Colony Room to our outdoor Oasis area. Cats can enter and exit freely during our normal business hours.

  • The Oasis

    The outdoor Oasis area allows our cats to safely explore the outdoors. Drinking fountains, tiki huts, and real trees are just some features.

  • Cat Meet-and-Greet Rooms

    Those interested in adopting can spend some one-on-one time with cats in our special Meet-and-Greet Rooms.

  • Exam Room

    The Exam/Treatment Room, where animals receive health checks and medications, is just one portion of our on-site Surgical Suite.

  • Surgery Room

    The Surgery Room is where numerous spay and neuter procedures take place each week. Other operations are also performed here.

  • X-Ray Room

    Our X-Ray room helps us diagnose broken bones in some of the animals that arrive at our facility which leads to proper treatment.

  • Laundry Room

    The many animals housed at our facility constantly need clean beds, blankets, and towels. Laundry is an ongoing process throughout the day.

  • Grooming Area

    Dogs are bathed and groomed in our Grooming Area to help them feel great and look their best for potential adopters.

  • Feed Room

    The Feed Room is where all meals and medications (if needed) are portioned prior to being served to our animals.

  • Kennel Area

    The Kennel Area houses our adoptable dogs and consists of 21 indoor/outdoor kennels in addition to our Puppy Room and Transition Room.

  • Transition Room

    The Transition Room consists of 5 cages and serves as a temporary holding place for dogs waiting to be altered.

  • Puppy Room

    The Puppy Room consists of 5 cages and holds puppies or small dogs. Each cage has a safety-glass door ensuring scenic views.

  • Outdoor Kennel Area

    Each of the 21 indoor dog kennels has a doorway leading to an outdoor kennel. Dogs can enjoy fresh air and sunshine during the day.

  • Dog Exercise Runs

    Behind our adoption center are 6 exercise runs where dogs are free to stretch their legs and socialize with other canine friends.

  • Meet-and-Greet Pens

    Our 2 Dog Meet-and-Greet pens allow those interested in adopting to spend some one-on-one time with any of our adoptable dogs.

  • Beautiful Grounds

    Our facility is situated on 4 beautiful acres. Volunteers and adoptable dogs are free to explore our grounds while enjoying a walk.

  • Garden

    Saint Francis, the Patron Saint of animals, watches over our quiet garden area.

  • Popiel's Playpen

    Popiel's Playpen provides a great place for dogs to play with and receive training from our many volunteers.

  • Landscaping

    All of our grounds are meticulously landscaped thanks to our volunteer Master Gardeners.

  • Intake Building

    Our Intake Building consists of kennels, hospital areas, and treatment rooms for animals waiting to move to our Adoption Center.