CarterAWL staff and volunteers recognize special personalities and skills in our shelter dogs that a visitor might not witness during a short tour of the kennels. And so it was with Sgt Carter.

Carter had been enjoying an extended foster stay at the home of volunteer Linda Watts. Linda enlisted the services of AKC Canine Good Citizen Judge Susan Sealing from Peace River Dog Fancier to put Carter through 10 challenges to his ability to remain calm and attentive in public situations involving both strangers and animals.
Carter strutted his stuff to earn the AKC CGC title, once again showing “shelter pets make the best pets!”

Jim Flemming saw Carter’s photo and bio on the internet. The AKC Canine Good Citizen Award immediately caught Jim’s attention and is the primary reason that he considered Carter.

Jim wanted a dog that would be welcome in the neighborhood. “He’s fantastic,” Jim reports, “he’s just a little gentleman, friendly with the neighbors and, after the initial greeting, can’t be bothered by the dogs we meet on our walks.”

poolCarter loves a car ride and is always up for a trip to anywhere. He was recently introduced to the swimming pool. It appears swimming might be an acquired taste for Carter but there’s no question that sunning himself beside the pool will be a regular part of his life.

“I recently had  a dizzy spell due to dehydration. Carter usually sleeps beside the bed on his favorite blanket but that night he slept right beside my head. “ Jim relates, “ He knew there was an issue and he wouldn’t leave my side. He’s very intelligent.”

“Everyone we meet says he’s very handsome and well-behaved. I’m just tickled to death that he’s part of my life.”

Encouraged by Carter’s success, the AWL plans to make AKC CGC training and testing a part of it’s program to help these deserving dogs find loving homes.