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Foster Friends

Finn at his Foster Home

Many of the thousands of homeless animals that enter our shelter doors every year need a little extra loving care. Some arrive sick, injured, or too young to survive on their own. Others had surgery and need a quiet place to recover. These animals need special attention and a stress-free environment. This is where our Foster Friends help.

The shelter will supply food and equipment. We will also stay in contact with the foster family to address any concerns that may arise. It is truly a "team" effort to find each and every animal a new, loving and permanent home.

Fostering is not only a rewarding experience, it is saving an animal's life!

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Friend and providing a temporary home for an animal needing special care, please call us at (941) 625-6720 and ask about our "Foster Friends" program or simply stop by the shelter. You'll be glad that you did!!!

You can also download a Foster Care Application and send it to us. When we have pets that need a foster parent, we will already have your information in our files.

Broken Leg
Foster Friends
Young Puppy