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Is AWL a member of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)?

AWL is a member of the Humane Society of the United States. The HSUS is the nation's largest animal protection organization. They support our mission through training, evaluation, publication, and, if needed, emergency care and rescue.

How many locations does AWL have?

We have only one shelter located at 3519 Drance Street in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Does AWL euthanize animals?

It is not our policy or philosophy to euthanize animals unless it is absolutely necessary. It is our responsibility to the public not to adopt out dangerous or sick animals. We work very hard to keep all our animals healthy and to find them new homes. However, if an animal is suffering, very ill, refuses to eat/drink over a prolonged period of time, or is completely unsocial around people and/or other animals, it may be considered for euthanasia. We have a review process. Each decision is carefully evaluated. Once a decision is made, we have trained and certified technicians on staff to ensure the animal doesn't suffer and passes on peacefully.

Is there a time limit for animals held at the shelter?

No. Once an animal is evaluated and goes up for adoption, there is no time limit as long as the pet remains friendly and healthy. We have had several animals that stayed at our shelter for over a year until they were adopted.

Where does AWL get the funds to operate?

We rely on the generosity of the community to fund our operations and programs. We do not get funding from the county or any other national or local organizations. Income sources include: adoption fees; services such as microchipping; fundraising events; grants; general donations; and bequests.

How many dogs and cats does the shelter take in each year?

The Animal Welfare League receives approximately 5,000 animals a year from the public (owner surrenders) and from Animal Control (strays, neglect and abuse cases).

How many pets does AWL adopt out each year?

Every year more and more pets find homes as a result of our efforts. In 2007, we placed 1,931 pets into new homes.

Does the shelter offer affordable spay or neuter services for my pet?

No, we only spay/neuter the animals that are up for adoption at our shelter.

If I can no longer keep my pet, can I bring it to the shetler?

Yes, drop off hours are from 11:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Is there a fee to drop off my pet?

There is a $25 donation fee that we charge to help us take care of the animals we receive.

Does AWL pick up animals?

No, this is the responsibility of Animal Control of Charlotte County. Their number is (941) 833-5690.

I'm going on vacation, can I board my pet at AWL?

No. We do not offer pet boarding. There are many boarding facilities in the area. Please check your phone book under Pet Boarding.

My pet is old and I can't afford to take it to the vet to have it put to sleep (euthanized). Can I bring my pet to the shelter?

Yes, AWL does offer euthanasia services. There is a donation fee of $50 for cats, rabbits, and ferrets. There is a donation fee of $75 for all dogs. Please call (941) 625-6720 to make an appointment.


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